Catholic education important me essay

A couple of years after our oldest child graduated from grade school, I ran into the mother of one of my daughter's classmates and asked how her girl was doing.

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So we should be even more grateful than we are for the sacrifices made by our children's teachers and administrators. I sent my son to our parish school because I believed all the propaganda about Catholic schools. Once when I was a small-town editor, a local public high school lost the state championship football game to a Catholic school.

Catholic Schools help students understand that each person is unique and valuable. The same can be said about a failure to give clear witness to the Church's teaching on the sanctity of marriage and the inviolability of human life. With a degree of humor and fondness, the kids gave nicknames to the regulars.

Through my actions, I hope to influence the decisions of others in a Christ-Like way, so that the human race can begin to feel the true Love of God. Some of the teachers not the majority, however were weak in their field of teaching compared to the higher-paid teachers in the public schools.

Name withheld, Sterling, Ill. As a female I was never encouraged to seek higher achievements or goals. Name withheld, Houston, Texas Losing the giving and caring aspect if forced to run like a business.

And, like the stained glass windows, these small pieces join together to create one unit -- the Catholic Church. If boys and girls are to experience the splendor of the Church, the Christian example of teachers and others responsible for their formation is indispensable, and no effort should be spared in guaranteeing the presence of such witness in every Catholic school.

Administer discipline in Christ-like manner. For me, a deep and abiding love for my faith. How does a Catholic school know whether it is achieving its specific mission. Not having the freedom to explore issues that are contrary to church teaching.

This community dimension is, perhaps, one result of the new awareness of the Church's nature as developed by the Council.

Five Essential Marks of Catholic Schools

The ability to talk about God in all aspects of life. Catholic parents, like all other parents, want the best for their children.

A Catholic education is worth the sacrifice

My grown, married kids chose Catholic schools for my eight grandchildren. David Michalak, Johnson City, N. This witness becomes a proper reference point to the extent that the person can account for the hope that nourishes his life [cf.

Compassionate Charitable Giving

Thomas, I have participated in the spring musical in 5th through grades and furthered my love for singing and acting. To give students the love of their faith so they will defend its values in the face of an often hostile secular culture.

Upon the team's return to a hometown celebration, the coach proclaimed, "Well, I guess we're the public school champions of the state of Illinois. While Catholic schools conform to government-mandated curricula, they implement their programs with an overall religious orientation.

Such a position would foster the misunderstanding that faith and life can be divorced, that religion is a merely private affair without doctrinal content or moral obligations. The research also shows that sending children to Catholic schools is no longer a choice for some parents as the cost becomes prohibitive and the decreasing number of Catholic schools makes them less accessible.

The schools successfully handed down the faith to the next generation, and our children had as many faith-based experiences as possible in an increasingly secular society. From the first moment that a student sets foot in a Catholic school, he or she ought to have the impression of entering a new environment, one illumined by the light of faith, and having its own unique characteristics.

Thank you for taking me on family vacations at Lake Barclay were I have endless fun will my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. Education Education has always been important to me. Most importantly, my family has shown me the importance of an education.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and the older I became the more the religion surmounted into a personal value rather than a family value.3/5(4). Why is Catholic Education Important?

A Catholic education is worth the sacrifice

Academic The national Catholic school graduation rate is % of high school students. Of these graduates, % go on to college, compared to % of public school graduates. 7 rows · Strengthening my Catholic faith will make me stronger and a better person.

When I was asked to write a short essay on why Catholic schools are important inI, like any good educator, decided to cheat. I asked Notre Dame Catholic School’s 8 th Graders to do it for me. Catholic School Education is not merely moral or spiritual education; rather, it is education of the whole man, developing his intellectual, social, cultural, and physical endowments.

Introduction, Relevance and Scope and Delimitation of Study. Nowadays, many question catholic education 3/5(10). Aug 19,  · I wrote an essay on Catholic Education, and I used some of the tings you said (I gave you credit).

Why Catholic Education?

Great overview of Catholic School Benefits - best I have seen. I would like to share this information with Catholic school leaders. Christian values, self discipline and how important it is to help the poor and give back to society was.

Catholic education important me essay
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Secrets of Gratitude: What Catholic Education means to me