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Unfortunately, after just three years in office, the administration seems to have forgotten most of its environmental initiatives. Hobbs, "In about million cans ejected more thantons of fluorocarbons, and the total output of freons mainly F-l 1 and F was nearlytons.

Although CFC molecules are several times heavier than air, winds mix the atmosphere to altitudes far above the top of the stratosphere much faster than molecules can settle according to their weight.

Ozone Layer Depletion

An additional year passed before those departments actually came up with a timetable to implement their plan. Refrigerator manufacturers in developing nations from Brazil to Egypt are replacing CFCs with less harmful chemicals.

Smuggling of CFCs into Pakistan has risen over the last couple of years, fuelled by a domestic quota that is small when compared with demand and abetted by corrupt officials. But, the Environmental Investigation Agency EIAa nonprofit organization based in London and Washington, says a multimillion dollar parallel market is growing fast in poorer, tropical countries where old equipment have yet to be switched over to cleaner chemicals.

Inthere were an estimated 5, kilotons of CFCs in existing products such as refrigerators, air conditioners, aerosol cans and others.

Colony forming cell assays use primary cells making them more reliable and informative than assays using cell lines.

Air in the stratosphere absorbs solar energy, or heat from the sun, which in turn creates a photochemical reaction that produces ozone — a benefit to the environment since ozone protects people, plants, and animals from harmful radiation Health effects of….

Nevertheless, a significant fraction of the HCFCs do break down in the stratosphere and they have contributed to more chlorine buildup there than originally predicted. Government regulations appear to be only a band-aid on a wound of immense proportions.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The international community should tackle this problem on emergency basis otherwise the stratosphere will soon be ozone less, and then we will all die of skin cancer and radiation exposure. SinceJapan has prohibited by law the manufacture and import of CFC 12 and stopped its auto manufacturers from producing air conditioner units that use coolant containing CFC It is apparent that there are billions of dollars to be made by industry in a transition to alternatives.

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Two cargo containers of CFC 12 were falsely reported to have been shipped on to Mexico, but were instead left in Miami where Mr.

Naturally occurring chlorine has the same effect in the ozone layer, but has a shorter life span.

Smuggling of CFC and Ozone Layer Depletion | Essay | Geography

The stratospheric ozone problem was out of sight and out of mind, as far as the public consciousness was concerned, few people seemed concerned about the possibility of ozone losses. Indirectly, added UV radiation is expected to stimulate climatic condition that promotes smog ozone pollution.

Ozone is a trace gas naturally formed in the stratosphere. Human cells can be used to determine accuracy of extrapolating human data from an animal model.


There has already been a substitute found for Freon that would cost approximately three to five time more. Many nations, such as the United States and Chinawho had previously resisted such effortsagreed with the accelerated phase out schedule.

Read this essay to learn about the smuggling of CFC which is an ozone depleting substance. The gases, mainly chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, are used in air conditioning and refrigerators.

aggressive posture with respect to international CFC con- thesanfranista.comrast,theEuropeanCommunity,ledaboveallby France, Italy, and the United. The essay should describe how a CFC sponsored charity such as Boy or Girl Scouts, American Cancer Society, Diabetes Foundation, Humane Society, etc., has benefitted you or your family.

Read past. aggressive posture with respect to international CFC con- thesanfranista.comrast,theEuropeanCommunity,ledaboveallby France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, urged caution and a. This will cause humans suffering like skin cancer and UV radiation may kill plankton. CFCs will also cause global warming.

We should take action to protect our ozone layer.


We have to ban the use of CFCs products. United State have already signed a treaty to phase out CFC production, known as the Montreal Protocol. Colony Forming Cell (CFC) Assays & Toxicity MDS offers colony forming cell (CFC) assays as an in vitro method to measure the toxicity in drug development and to determine dosage strategies.

Cfc use essay
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