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A perfect example of cherry picking is when the state of Florida decided to privatize a sizable amount of its prison system. In recent times, prison overcrowding is the most pressing issue as it becomes hard for one to specify the exact number of inmates since prison capacity is measured in various ways with the highest record reaching as high as percent its capacity Logan and Rausch However, the archaic rules and the bureaucracy the CEO refers to are all emplaced for a reason; safety and care.

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Cons of Private Prison Only Thinks About Profits Prisons are given the responsibility of taking care of, providing care to, and protecting human lives. However, Policy Matters Ohio, a nonpartisan group found that when held to realistic standards the advantage private prisons had over public prisons was significantly reduced or diminished altogether Mason However, these studies have failed to show the hidden cost of private prison.

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Tweet on Twitter Private prisons are for profit businesses where convicted criminals are confined.

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Meaning they could dictate terms and policies to suit them and their goals. We have so demonized criminals in the United States that there's widespread acceptance of the fact that jail in modern day America means rapes, beatings, vermin, filth and abuse.

Good behavior and other early release programs are often neglected in these for profit prisons. Whenever financial rewards are tied to recidivism rates in a community, the privatized prison will lower the rates of crime.

Competition goes in hand with innovation and if the industry does not provide competition in service delivery then little innovative changes are observed. Some studies have shown that private prisons save states money.

Smith and Hattery offer another interesting statistic and comparison. Nevertheless, the company cannot compensate law enforcement for the time it diverted from other responsibilities.

Research Paper Starter You'll also get access to more than 30, additional guides andHomework Help questions answered by our experts. Overcrowding makes inmates more agitated and make escapes more possible.

But to what end. Prison Economics in Rural America. This essay explores the issue and argues for the value of prison privatization, forwarding the thesis that the rise of private prisons in the United States has generated greater good than harm.

College essay on history sports Posted on October 29, by Famous essay writing topics day Essay writing for admission reviews forum title an essay zara money market essay zimelek the arts essay from spongebob font my holiday essay english university. There were cases of torture, abuse and hard work in some public prisons.

For several days after Mr. Rat infestations so bad that vermin crawl over prisoners; sometimes, the rats are captured, put on leashes and sold as pets to the most severely mentally ill inmates.

With states tightening their budgets, mental health care is being cut even further. They have the ability to buy necessary supplies in bulk and find the best prices, unlike government ran institutions who are under strict contracts.

When more money is dedicated to the prison system, it almost always is to higher prisoner populations. Profitability is certainly an issue, but so is the overall efficiency of the prison.

Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration. Private Prisons: Pros & Cons A private prison is a detention center operated by a company that is under contract with the state or federal government. The company that runs the prison is paid. Aug 18,  · The stock prices of the two biggest private prison companies in the United States nosedived on Thursday after the Department of Justice vowed to stop housing inmates at their facilities.

Thus the birth of the private prison took place, helping to relieve the stress at the state prisons, by allowing them to send their overflow of inmates to the smaller private facilities. Industry –funded studies often include that states can save money by using private prisons.

Prisons in America reflect very poorly on our criminal justice system. Outsiders look at our country as though we've got it all together. And although we may have it more together than other countries, our prisons are in need of some serious help.

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Best mom essay sites the economist essay. Private prisons hold 7 percent of the total state prison population and 19 percent of the federal prison population.

89 percent of California inmates held in private prisons are young people.

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